Tuesday, November 22, 2011

How to Be a Master Salesman

More than a century ago, Edwin C. Barnes dropped from a moving train and moved into the laboratory of Thomas Edison. When asked of his mission, he told the secretary that he was going to become the partner of the great inventor. His boldness got him past the secretary. He got a job immediately scrubbing floors in the Edison plant. Think about self positioning. Barnes had that skill. By the advent of the fifth year, he had become the partner of Edison. He was a master salesman.

A master salesman could be compared with an artist who can paint word pictures. He moves the heart of men. His masterly skills play on the human emotions effectively. A master salesman is the one who can marshal the thoughts of men as Foch did to the allied armies during the second world war.

A master salesman is akin to a character analyst and a mind reader. Sometimes, the master salesman is seen as a 'fortune teller' who can predict the future. Master salesmen sell themselves successfully through life.

Bill Clinton was America's president for eight years. He sold himself as a master salesman from the governor of a state in America to become The most powerful man on earth. Barack Obama was a first time and first term senator in the American senate. He grabbed the opportunity provided at the democratic convention in 2004 to lay a solid foundation for his ascendancy to the Presidency of the greatest nation on earth. He is a master salesman. His word power is phenomenal and captivating.

4 Ways To Become A master Salesman

1. Be Courageous: By courage, Edwin C. Barnes announced his arrival to the secretary of Thomas Edison. He went ahead to inform her of his desire to be the business partner of the great inventor. If you develop courage, you'll gain confidence which makes you attractive to others and your words appealing. Courage will make you irresistable. It is a vital skill for master salesmanship.

2. Understand Human Emotions: Human beings want to be loved. They want to be appreciated. How about being recognised and rewarded? Men strongly desire it. Man want to worship a higher being. We human beings have our fears and hope. Learn to understand this emotions and acquire the skills to manipulate them to your benefit in relationship with others.

3. Learn Words That Paint Pictures In The Hearts Of Men: There are certain words you can learn to create pictures in the hearts of men. These words move men to take immediate emotional steps to do what you want. Words like 'transform', 'make', 'reveal', 'develop', 'create', 'learn', 'gain', 'money', 'educate', 'save', 'partner', 'benefit', 'enjoy', 'happy', 'invest', 'multiply' etc are words that sell. You'll need to learn how to use them in your daily encounter with men and in your writings. Non-fictional personal stories also create permanent impression in the minds of others. Use them copiously as an aspiring master salesman. It works all the time.

4. Develop Positive Attitude: Your attitude must be those that inspire others. Talk about hope. Talk about change. Talk about better things to come. Talk about improvement and challenges. Downplay problems and highlight underlining benefits. Your present lowly position should not be an obstacle to the highest level you could be. Make it a stepping stone to reach greater heights.

Joseph in the bible was positive throughout his stay in the prison. He kept improving his interpretative skills and relationship with God. He rose to become the second most powerful man in ancient Egypt. Nelson Mandela served for 25 years in the prison too. He later became the first black president of South Africa, a Nobel prize winner and highly revered elder statesman worldwide. These are examples of leaders with positive attitude. They are great master salesmen.

Go over these 4 ways to master salesmanship again. Adopt the principles in your personal life. It is guaranteed that you too shall soon become a successful master salesman.

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