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Communication - Why and How, a Story of a Strange Homeowner and a Wide-Eyed Salesman

You could say communication is an exchange of feelings, thoughts, or information, to find a common ground. This creates a tremendous power, a bond, putting you on the same side of the fence. Now that you are on the same side of the fence, whether you are parent-to-child, spouse-to-spouse, or two or more people trying to do business, I think you'll agree, you're getting closer.

When you're on the same side of the fence, that's the why, to get closer in your views, so you can befriend and get things done.

Now, because people are so different, and generally we believe they are the strange ones! But, wow, did God make us all different.

A story: Selling door-to-door, a salesman was let into a home. Usually this salesman turned into a sales hammer, but as he entered, the odor was so strong! A stale, kind of a moldly, stagnant smell. A large reptile dashed across the floor, then a really large reptile was kind of crawling along. In the back was a really huge snake. There where huge snake skins all over! Now the couple and the salesman were just standing there. The salesman decided to break the ice and try to figure out what made these people tick. He said, with a huge smile, "This is very bizarre to me! I've never been this close to large reptile critters, and large snakes before, let alone in a home with them." He genuinely and sincerely asked how they could sleep at night with these jungle critters roaming and dashing around.

They laughed knowing he was sincerely curious. They joked and talked about each animal having a different, special personality, even the snakes. They talked about which "critter," as the salesman called them, grew up with the other ones. They told him all their names and backgrounds. The salesman listened with deep feelings of respect for their views on life and friendship and knowledge.

The lady said to the husband, "Let's invite him in to sit down and buy whatever he's selling." The husband agreed. The salesman was glad he was proud of his product, because this couple seemed to be his friend, and you don't sell friends bogus stuff.

When the salesman set down and looked up he saw a huge tarantula on top of the TV by him! The couple saw how wide-eyed he was and re-assured him that calmly talking to the tarantula would eliminate it's fear and everything would be fine. The salesman trusted his new friends and also watched the huge furry spider, real close.

As the salesman was about to leave, the lady said, "Do you really want to bring your wife and kids by to meet us and get to know all the critters?"

The salesman, in one of his most sincere moments, said, "Yes, I very much want my wife and kids to get to know you and your friends!" In his mind, he thought, I doubt I can get my wife to come, but the kids, yes. The salesman tried several times to connect with this couple and never got through. And one day got a disconnect message on the phone. He has wondered many times how they are doing and knows deeply, if they ever meet again it won't be boring, but both will have lots of things to talk about.

The salesman quite often meets people really different than him and he tries to figure out a way to joke and talk about the differences. It is so real when you can talk to people and joke about how different you see things, but you can accept and respect their side, and totally disagree, you've got a true friend.

An example of communication!

#1 They all talked and listened sincerely to each other.

#2 They talked and joked about their differences. The salesman had never been around reptiles or huge spiders!

#3 They sincerely respected each other and those differences!

Dr. Dewey, a profound philosopher, said, "The deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important."

Thank you for reading this article! Good communication to you!

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