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How to Be a Master Salesman

More than a century ago, Edwin C. Barnes dropped from a moving train and moved into the laboratory of Thomas Edison. When asked of his mission, he told the secretary that he was going to become the partner of the great inventor. His boldness got him past the secretary. He got a job immediately scrubbing floors in the Edison plant. Think about self positioning. Barnes had that skill. By the advent of the fifth year, he had become the partner of Edison. He was a master salesman.

A master salesman could be compared with an artist who can paint word pictures. He moves the heart of men. His masterly skills play on the human emotions effectively. A master salesman is the one who can marshal the thoughts of men as Foch did to the allied armies during the second world war.

A master salesman is akin to a character analyst and a mind reader. Sometimes, the master salesman is seen as a 'fortune teller' who can predict the future. Master salesmen sell themselves successfully through life.

Bill Clinton was America's president for eight years. He sold himself as a master salesman from the governor of a state in America to become The most powerful man on earth. Barack Obama was a first time and first term senator in the American senate. He grabbed the opportunity provided at the democratic convention in 2004 to lay a solid foundation for his ascendancy to the Presidency of the greatest nation on earth. He is a master salesman. His word power is phenomenal and captivating.

4 Ways To Become A master Salesman

1. Be Courageous: By courage, Edwin C. Barnes announced his arrival to the secretary of Thomas Edison. He went ahead to inform her of his desire to be the business partner of the great inventor. If you develop courage, you'll gain confidence which makes you attractive to others and your words appealing. Courage will make you irresistable. It is a vital skill for master salesmanship.

2. Understand Human Emotions: Human beings want to be loved. They want to be appreciated. How about being recognised and rewarded? Men strongly desire it. Man want to worship a higher being. We human beings have our fears and hope. Learn to understand this emotions and acquire the skills to manipulate them to your benefit in relationship with others.

3. Learn Words That Paint Pictures In The Hearts Of Men: There are certain words you can learn to create pictures in the hearts of men. These words move men to take immediate emotional steps to do what you want. Words like 'transform', 'make', 'reveal', 'develop', 'create', 'learn', 'gain', 'money', 'educate', 'save', 'partner', 'benefit', 'enjoy', 'happy', 'invest', 'multiply' etc are words that sell. You'll need to learn how to use them in your daily encounter with men and in your writings. Non-fictional personal stories also create permanent impression in the minds of others. Use them copiously as an aspiring master salesman. It works all the time.

4. Develop Positive Attitude: Your attitude must be those that inspire others. Talk about hope. Talk about change. Talk about better things to come. Talk about improvement and challenges. Downplay problems and highlight underlining benefits. Your present lowly position should not be an obstacle to the highest level you could be. Make it a stepping stone to reach greater heights.

Joseph in the bible was positive throughout his stay in the prison. He kept improving his interpretative skills and relationship with God. He rose to become the second most powerful man in ancient Egypt. Nelson Mandela served for 25 years in the prison too. He later became the first black president of South Africa, a Nobel prize winner and highly revered elder statesman worldwide. These are examples of leaders with positive attitude. They are great master salesmen.

Go over these 4 ways to master salesmanship again. Adopt the principles in your personal life. It is guaranteed that you too shall soon become a successful master salesman.

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How To Be a Good Salesman - Taking Control

From the moment you first interact with a customer you must be in total control. You must tell the customer what to do and think. The hard part is doing this in a way that is unnoticeable. You can't just tell the customer to do something. You have to politely ask in a non offensive way. If you don't have control from beginning to end it may be difficult to close the deal.

It is imperative that your control is established in the beginning of your sales pitch. I remember when I was at Kirby and I'd go into a salesman's demonstration and the customer would be doing something in a totally different room. I would have to explain to them the importance of taking control from the beginning. If the customer isn't listening to your pitch, then you are wasting your time. Don't let the customer do other activities during your pitch. Make sure and keep them locked in throughout your pitch.

If you are in a customers home make sure you get the customer involved in your pitch. If it's getting them to your product or asking them questions to keep their attention, it is important to not lose the interest of the customer. I always say a good salesman is like an entertainer. If you are putting on a good pitch people will be focused on you through your whole sales pitch without distraction.

There will always be uncontrollable factors such as unexpected house guests or unforeseen phone calls. The best thing for a salesman to do in these situations is to wait politely for them to finish before continuing your pitch. If possible get the house guest involved in your sales pitch as well. This may help you avoid third party objection.

The key to keeping control is keeping the customer involved. If the customer becomes bored you will lose control fast. Try to avoid repeating yourself. Being redundant is a quick way to lose a customers interest. Keep them on the edge of their seat with new information throughout your pitch.

Relative stories are always a good way to keep control of the customer. Make sure the story is something they can relate to. When I was selling vacuums I would tell the customer a story of a lady who didn't invest in the vacuum, then her carpet was destroyed by the dirt. She had to pay 3 times as much as the Kirby investment to get her carpet replaced.

People generally like hearing stories. Even back when we were little and wanted our parents to read us a bedtime story. If your story relates to the person in some form it will keep them interested. As long as you have their interest you can keep control. Remember a good salesman must maintain control throughout his sales pitch in order to solidify a sale.

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Life of a Salesman

Life of a salesman has a Hollywood ring to it. You know what? Selling is about life and life is all about selling or shall we say convincing others to see it your way. The really good salesmen and woman do it effortlessly. So how does it all start? Why do some people choose a path of sales versus say the US Post Office as an example? It's about internal desire. We all have the ability to sell anything. Every day you wake up in the morning you convince yourself to do something. In its purest sense that is an act of selling. The customer is the one in the mirror but you could stay in bed go to the beach or go to work/school. Congratulations you are a salesman. The separation of the really good or shall we say successful professionals and the one's that everyone for years claims this one is going to be a natural?

The old saying, there are those that can and those that DO. We act on our inherent desire to achieve success by selling a product, service or idea. Have you ever coached a recreational team or been lucky enough to coach middle or high school teams? If that ain't selling then please tell me what is. You have the parents to deal with the league officials the referee's or umpires depending on the sport. Oh ya, and you have to keep a team of N number of players happy when they are not playing. Folks, it doesn't get any more challenging than looking a 5 year old in the eye with 2 minutes to go and NOT put them in the game. What you do next is all about selling. You have to convince that group that isn't playing that the team is going to succeed and everyone contributes at different times.

Then you have those eyes fixed on you from the bleachers. In some cases they are right behind you and you can't hide. Played that starting unit a bit long in the second half now coach? We have all been there. I have always said that great coaches, not the ones that win all the games, but the ones that have the parents requesting them personally every year are bona fide top Salesmen. Whether they know it or not. Professional sales executives will tell you that the biggest challenge is not motivating at team to go out and give your best and win the business. Its finding those few natural pearls that gets repeat business whether they show up in the office or not each day. The business follows them because they build a reputation of trust and respect. Ever here the saying, "people buy from people they trust at companies they respect? The top 10 are always in this group.

They probably don't even work as hard as those trying to take their place. Don't be fooled, they don't exert as much energy because they have earned the respect and are ethical in their delivery and execution of their company's products and services. Often you will hear a procurement executive state, "the sale starts after the sale". Translation, let's see if he or she shows up if things don't go quite as planned. In the HiTech industry the winners are the account teams that are onsite before the customer knows there is a problem. They document and build action plans to limit down time if that is what is occurring. They also tend to recognize their fellow team members and often shield the customer from errors they may have made during a recovery. All in a day's work in the life of salesmen.

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How to Make More Money in Your Sales Job

So you want to make more money in your sales job?  Join the club.  Selling can be one of the most difficult professions in the world and only a small percentage actually experience a good deal of success.  To put it bluntly, almost all other salespeople are also wishing they could make more money.  The only question you have to ask yourself is, "Are you ready to make the necessary changes?"


I'll tell you right now that most people in sales that I know are not willing to do what it takes to make it big.  They will endlessly complain about how horrible their job is and how they don't make enough money, but they are not willing to do anything about it.  You need to decide if you are willing to do something, or if you're simply content complaining like the rest of them.


If you are ready to make a ton more money there are a few tips that can help you get started.  Now, these tips are not hard to do and do not take a lot of time to learn.  But they are a must to succeeding in sales.  I will mention them briefly here, but I suggest you do some research on your own to get the details of how to implement them immediately.


The first thing you will need to improve on is your time management.  Ever notice how much a successful person seems to get done in a day?  It's because they have mastered their time management skills and actually have the ability to fit more tasks in a day.  Start working on this before you do anything else.


You must also improve on your ability to get your prospects to buy, as opposed to being sold to.  Someone who has the impression that they are "choosing" to buy is 7 times more likely to buy than someone who feels thy are being "sold to."  There are several factors that can help you accomplish this, but the main one is that you have to ask questions.  And make sure you are asking questions that require the prospect to think carefully before answering.


Another thing you will need to improve to make more money in sales is your ability to think outside the box.  Everyone can call someone up, or hold a meeting, or send a thank you card.  You have to figure out exactly what can set you apart.  Think of ways to stand out against the competition.  If you can get someone's attention in a unique way, you are a huge step closer to making a sale.


These are just a few tips that will help you become successful in sales.  Read as much as you can, or better yet get an at-home or on-line course that takes you through the "how-to" in a step by step format.  Remember, the difference between a rich salesperson and a poor salesperson is not that much.  The rich ones just know the secrets. 

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Get Back to Basics - Car Salesman Tips

From time to time you will see a "Green Pea" (new car sales person) come out of training and hit the sales floor with their new found car sales knowledge and start selling cars. This person follows their sales training and car salesman tips to the letter and starts making deals right and left. They are excited and quite proud of their success in their new car sales career. They are smiling all the time and greeting their customers with enthusiasm while they chalk up more sales and commissions.

Then as time goes by they start to think that they can shortcut the steps of their training and save some time and energy. They also start to believe that they can pick out a sure sale at first sight and begin to pick and choose their customers. Then before they know what hit them their sales start dropping and so do their commissions. The new automobile salesperson is scratching their head trying figure out why nobody is buying from them. It is because they need to get back to the basics of their car salesman training and sales tips. Read on and you will discover the most basic and most important car salesman tips for being a successful car sales person.

#1 Basic Car Salesman Tip: Discovery

The basic meet and greet is the first meeting of the car salesman and the potential car buyer and a very critical step to selling cars. You know what they say about first impressions and it's not any different when it comes to being a selling cars for a living. Introducing yourself in a prompt professional manner is the proper thing to do, but if you are dressed poorly or smell like an ashtray you stand a good chance of making a bad first impression. You must look, act, dress and speak like a professional to make a good impression. This car salesman tip will get you off on the right foot.

#2 Basic Car Salesman Tip: Selection

This car salesman tip may seem obvious, but proper selection is often overlooked by novice car sales people. You will never sell and the buyer will never buy the wrong car at the right price. All car buyers would like to have the top of the line automobile at the price of a base car. When you spend some time talking and determining their needs and you will save yourself a load of grief. If you show your customer the fully loaded model and they can only afford the base model you take a chance of embarrassing them. However if you show them the base model and they can afford more they will bump themselves. It is easy to step them up to the nicer models, but very hard and uncomfortable to bring them back down to a model that fits their budget.

#3 Basic Car Salesman Tip: Cherry Picking

Cherry picking is the practice of a car salesman that thinks they can determine the credit worthiness or buying potential of a customer by looking at them. Then they will decide if they are going to wait on that customer or let another salesman help them. The downside of cherry picking is that customers will often dress down and intentionally try to look less desirable as a defense strategy. They want the salesman to think they that they don't have money or credit so that they won't be pressured. I have seen many sales people miss out on very nice commissions by cherry picking. The moral of this car salesman tip is that you can't pick out the buyers and the lookers by looking at them. The more people you help the more you will sell; it's all about the numbers.

When you get in a car sales slump go back and read these very basic, but very important car salesman tips. You need to come off as a professional from the very start and get to know your customer and their needs. Talk to as many potential customers as you can, stick to the basics and your numbers will continue to climb as well as your commissions.

Karl Beckham is the author of this article on Car Salesman Tips.
Find more information about selling cars for a living and tips for car salesmen visit here.

A Good Car Salesman Can Earn Six Figures a Year

You might be surprised to know that a good car salesman can earn a very nice annual income. Most people don't realize that and many might even look down on the auto salesman, but that automobile salesman might be earning as much or more of many so called professionals in the work force today. I know and have met many that earn over 100K a year and there are even some that are hitting the 200K mark.

It's surprising to hear that for most people, but things are different now in the car business and the slick talking, white shoe wearing and cigarette smoking car salesman of the past has gone away. It's a new generation and the only people that can earn that kind of money selling cars are the good car salesmen.

Today's successful auto salesman needs to know the product they are representing from safety features to specifications and everything in between. The car buyer of today has the power of the Internet to find out anything they want to know about buying a car from price, dealer invoice, financing and incentives. It is very hard to pull the wool over the eyes of the automobile buyer today.

The Good Car Salesman is a Professional

The process of buying a new car today is a transparent transaction because of the information that is available to the informed consumer. A good car salesman is the only kind of auto salesman that can make a prosperous career of selling cars today. The professional vehicle sales representative no longer tricks or deceives their customer, but instead assists and educates them.

The good car salesman is a professional and therefore has the opportunity to earn a six figure income selling cars. They are trained regularly by the auto manufacturers and kept current on all the newest technology and safety systems. They are usually tested and monitored by both the dealership where they are employed and the automakers that they represent. As you can see they go through the same thing that any other professional occupation does and should be entitled to earn a six figure income.

So the next time you think of a car salesman you should think of the professional auto sales person and the potential earning opportunities they have rather than the old stereotype of the shyster or crook. Just as you will have in any business or profession, there are some people that are better than others. I am not saying that all vehicle sales people earn 100K a year. I am saying that the good car salesman that is a true professional can.

Selling cars for a living is still work because there is no such thing as money for nothing, but the person that wants to sell cars and make the commitment to develop themselves and their career has the potential to become a good car salesman or car saleswoman and make a six figure income selling cars. Who knows you might really enjoy the life of a car sales person, it's much more fun when you are earning a substantial income.

Karl Beckham is the author of this article on the earnings of a good car salesman and the new generation of car sales professionals.

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Communication - Why and How, a Story of a Strange Homeowner and a Wide-Eyed Salesman

You could say communication is an exchange of feelings, thoughts, or information, to find a common ground. This creates a tremendous power, a bond, putting you on the same side of the fence. Now that you are on the same side of the fence, whether you are parent-to-child, spouse-to-spouse, or two or more people trying to do business, I think you'll agree, you're getting closer.

When you're on the same side of the fence, that's the why, to get closer in your views, so you can befriend and get things done.

Now, because people are so different, and generally we believe they are the strange ones! But, wow, did God make us all different.

A story: Selling door-to-door, a salesman was let into a home. Usually this salesman turned into a sales hammer, but as he entered, the odor was so strong! A stale, kind of a moldly, stagnant smell. A large reptile dashed across the floor, then a really large reptile was kind of crawling along. In the back was a really huge snake. There where huge snake skins all over! Now the couple and the salesman were just standing there. The salesman decided to break the ice and try to figure out what made these people tick. He said, with a huge smile, "This is very bizarre to me! I've never been this close to large reptile critters, and large snakes before, let alone in a home with them." He genuinely and sincerely asked how they could sleep at night with these jungle critters roaming and dashing around.

They laughed knowing he was sincerely curious. They joked and talked about each animal having a different, special personality, even the snakes. They talked about which "critter," as the salesman called them, grew up with the other ones. They told him all their names and backgrounds. The salesman listened with deep feelings of respect for their views on life and friendship and knowledge.

The lady said to the husband, "Let's invite him in to sit down and buy whatever he's selling." The husband agreed. The salesman was glad he was proud of his product, because this couple seemed to be his friend, and you don't sell friends bogus stuff.

When the salesman set down and looked up he saw a huge tarantula on top of the TV by him! The couple saw how wide-eyed he was and re-assured him that calmly talking to the tarantula would eliminate it's fear and everything would be fine. The salesman trusted his new friends and also watched the huge furry spider, real close.

As the salesman was about to leave, the lady said, "Do you really want to bring your wife and kids by to meet us and get to know all the critters?"

The salesman, in one of his most sincere moments, said, "Yes, I very much want my wife and kids to get to know you and your friends!" In his mind, he thought, I doubt I can get my wife to come, but the kids, yes. The salesman tried several times to connect with this couple and never got through. And one day got a disconnect message on the phone. He has wondered many times how they are doing and knows deeply, if they ever meet again it won't be boring, but both will have lots of things to talk about.

The salesman quite often meets people really different than him and he tries to figure out a way to joke and talk about the differences. It is so real when you can talk to people and joke about how different you see things, but you can accept and respect their side, and totally disagree, you've got a true friend.

An example of communication!

#1 They all talked and listened sincerely to each other.

#2 They talked and joked about their differences. The salesman had never been around reptiles or huge spiders!

#3 They sincerely respected each other and those differences!

Dr. Dewey, a profound philosopher, said, "The deepest urge in human nature is the desire to be important."

Thank you for reading this article! Good communication to you!

Cary D. Lee, The Salesman. You have permission to reprint this article free of charge.

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